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Rebuild Magnaflux Power Pack

Rebuild Magnaflux Power Pack

Magnetic particle inspection is an important tool in the testing world to ensure the structural integrity of various materials and is a non-destructive testing method. Magnaflux provides a number of different power packs that provide various levels of power in order to perform this testing. With rebuilding Magnaflux power packs, Scientific Instruments provides the opportunity to keep a unit operating for many years rather than having to replace it with a new model that is much more expensive. Many of these different power packs are utilized out in the field, and while they are important tools they also need to be maintained well in order to get the maximum useful life from it. Talk with our team today about rebuilding Magnaflux power packs and keeping them in the hands of your testing technicians.

What Is Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection uses magnetism to find flaws or defects in materials that are ferromagnetic, or have components primarily made of magnetic materials like iron and steel. When these items are subjected to this magnetic particle inspection, the material is magnetized by the use of rebuilt Magnaflux power packs. Once magnetized, magnetic flux lines create a pattern that follows the material’s internal structure. Any flaws or defects will disrupt this magnetic structure and will become visible when magnetic particles are applied to the surface of the material being tested.

Why is this testing important? Usually, this kind of testing is employed to ensure that items that are manufactured do not have hidden flaws that would lead to a catastrophic incident, and could also lead to loss of life. Airplane landing gears, for example, undergo tremendous stresses when landing, and a failure of the landing gear could cause severe damage to the plane, landing strip, as well as people.

The Advantages of Magnetic Particle Inspections

One of the main advantages of utilizing magnetic particle inspections is that they are non-destructive in nature. Where other testing may require a sample item to undergo a destructive test to see if it can withstand a given measurement without failing, the issue is that if there are any hidden flaws in another item from the production run it wouldn’t be caught until it failed. These defects are usually so small that just looking at the item will not reveal the issue, and a non-destructive test can confirm that the item is still usable or needs to be replaced.

Because of the number of different industries that can benefit from this magnetic particle inspection, having the right tools for the job is just as important. Rebuilding Magnaflux power packs provides a way to keep these important tools on the job and ensures that we are all safe, whether that is in the airline industry, aerospace industry, or others. Scientific Instruments can help keep your technicians on the job with the right tools, contact us to learn more.