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LED UV Blacklight Bulb for Magnaflux NDT Hand Units

LED UV Blacklight Bulb for Magnaflux NDT Hand Units

While having been designed for use in detecting counterfeit items such as currency, documents, and other items, the LED UV blacklight NDT hand units from Magnaflux have become an important tool in a wide range and growing list of situations. At Scientific Instruments we have helped to keep the LED UV blacklight bulb for Magnaflux NDT hand units in stock because these items are so useful. Whether these are being used to check for counterfeit currency, used in forensic investigations, gemstone identifications, or other uses, these devices have proven to be indispensable tools across a multitude of industries and daily life scenarios. Contact us today to learn more.

An Ecological Benefit for Everyone

Practically everywhere in the country, people have to deal with some sort of insect or virus. By utilizing the LED UV blacklight option insects are drawn to these lights and they can be used to trap the insects rather than using a lot of harmful chemicals or other less effective methods in pest control. Additionally, UV lights have proven very effective in killing off viruses, bacteria, and mold, and while these lamps are often stationary and permanently installed, these handheld versions can help with personal hygiene and in hospital settings and more.

These handheld devices are even helping those who love aquariums to take better care of these environments. The LED UV blacklight bulb for Magnaflux NDT hand units are able to identify the presence of algae and other organisms that may be harmful to aquatic life. Even jewelers are getting in on the act as the LED UV blacklight can help to identify some gemstones that are fluorescent under blacklight and ensuring that customers receive the value that they expect.

It Can Even Authenticate Paintings

As you hear more and more about these amazing devices, it starts to sound like an infomercial with the famous line “but wait, there’s more!”. In the art world these LED UV blacklight bulbs are used to reveal the multiple layers of paint, repairs, and retouching which aids conservators and art historians in knowing the true conditions of a piece. The non-destructive testing nature of these handheld devices mean they can be used without fear of destroying what they are reviewing and testing.

As the uses for the LED UV blacklight bulb for Magnaflux NDT hand units continue to grow, the need for these important bulbs continues to grow as well. Scientific Instruments will be there to help refine things and make them even better so that further advances can take place and we can all benefit from increased knowledge and understanding. Contact us today to learn more about these important bulbs.