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Digital Ammeter Replaces Magnaflux PN 215517 and PN 600340


DC & True RMS AC Ammeter

For D-960 series and H-800 series mag units, and some models of MD units.

SI-215517 Digital Panel Meter designed to replace the old Analog Ammeters that had a 2.75” to 4” diameter mounting hole.

This ammeter provide a greater accuracy of output amperes with infinite hold, auto reset and update functions that will meet or exceed all industrial and military requirements. This ammeter can replace H-800 & D-960 series ammeters.

High visibility LED digital display shows the output current in kiloamperes. The meters holds this reading indefinitely for accurate recording of each mag shot. As each mag shot is taken the meter will automatically reset, compute and display the new reading in less than .5 seconds.

Standard Meters are calibrated for both TRUE AVERAGE DC and TRUE RMS AC, for operation from your existing 50mv/1000 Amp meter shunt either in place of or in conjunction with your machine’s meter.

Meters are pre calibrated, and there is a external gain adjust in case you need a minor trim due to you existing meter shunt accuracy. This ammeter will take the true DC average of any DC waveform, whether it is 1 phase FWDC, or HWDC, or 3phase FWDC, without having to re-adjust again the gain setting.

This meter also reads the TRUE RMS AC current of any AC waveform, regardless of crest factor.

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Features & Advantages

  • Meter gain calibration adjustment on front panel
  • Direct Replacement for H-810 and D-960
  • Holds last reading or continuous reading
  • LED Display, 3 digits
  • Mounting screws for front panel
  • Front panel face plate, in 2 available sizes
  • AC power input terminals
  • Shunt input terminals
  • Reads up to 9990 amps


  • Basic Accuracy = DC .5% , AC 2% of reading + /- 2 LSB counts
  • Range = 0 to 9,990 amps, in 10 amp increments
  • Display = 3 digit LED .56” digit height
  • Conversion Time = 280msec
  • Auto Reset Time = 1 second
  • Signal Input = 50mv/1000A Meter Shunt standard
  • Input Impedance = 1000Ω
  • Power Line Input = 90 to120 VAC, 4VA, 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature = 32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C)
  • Dimensions HxWxD = 5″ x 3.5″ x 3″
  • Weight = 8oz. (227g)