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Digital AC/DC Shunt Calibration Ammeter Kit


DC & True RMS AC Ammeter For Certification of Mag units and Power Packs

SI-19KA-CERT Digital Panel Meter designed to provide a lower cost, greater accuracy of output amperes with infinite hold, auto reset and update functions that will meet or exceed all industrial and MIL specs. Maximum reading is 19,990 amps.

High visibility LED digital panel meters display the output current in kilo amperes. Meter holds this reading indefinitely for accurate recording of each shot. As each shot is taken the meter will automatically reset, compute and display the new reading in less than .40 seconds. This ammeter is shunt triggered to as low as 50 amps, and there is a manual continuous reading mode for operation below 50 amps to zero amps.

The ammeter is calibrated for operation from the included 10KA, 50mv/1000 Amp meter shunt clamped between the heads of your Mag unit or power pack. Meters are fully calibrated to read both TRUE DC AVERAGE and TRUE RMS AC current, which means AC, and single phase or 3 phase, fullwave or half wave DC waveforms.

The 10KA shunt is also certified to .1% accuracy, using NIST traceable test equipment from a accredited 17025 calibration lab.

A panel adjustment is available for gain trim.


Features & Advantages

  • Meter calibration external adjustment for gain
  • Holds last reading or can perform continuous readings, for very low current readings below 50 amps, for doing open heads zero current test
  • LED Display, 3 1/2 digits
  • Includes foam insert carry case
  • Comes with NIST traceable certification sheet
  • 120 vac powered with included cord, 220vac option
  • Shunt input jack with hi accuracy (.1%)
    10,000 amp shunt with cert
  • Shunt Triggered


  • Basic Accuracy : DC error +/- 1 % of reading
    AC error +/- 2% of reading, +/- 2 lsb counts
    Range = 10 to 19,990 amperes, in 10 amp increments
  • DPM Display = 3 ½ LED .56” (14mm) digits
  • Conversion Time = 280msec
  • Auto Reset Time = 1 second
  • Signal Input = 50mv/1000A Meter Shunt
  • Input Impedance = 100Ω
  • Power Line Input = 90 to 130 VAC 4VA 50/60Hz
  • Temperature = 5 to 45°C)
  • Dimensions HxWxD = 4 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight = 8oz. (227g)