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Digital 3-in-1 Calibration / Certification Kit


DC & AC Ammeter and Shot Timer and Quick Break Tester For Certification of Mag units and Power Packs

The SI-19KA/ST/QB-CERT is a combination Digital Certification AMMETER, SHOT TIMER AND QUICK BREAK TESTER

It is designed to provide a low cost, high accuracy display of output kilo amperes with hold, auto reset and update functions as well as true mag shot duration, and digital quantitative Quick Break indication on the LCD readout, displayed in volts from 0.1v to 29.9 volts, based on MIL spec 6867C.

The higher the voltage reading, the faster the quick break. There is a table on back of QB meter which defines what minimum voltage is acceptable for each size mag unit coil.

High visibility LCD digital panel meter has 2 modes : SHOT TIME DURATION AND QUICK BREAK VOLTAGE, which are selected at power on using the reset pushbutton.

The timer has a resolution of .01 seconds from .20 to 9.90 seconds. Ammeter is both TRUE Average DC and TRUE RMS AC. Calibrated for operation from the included 10KA ,50mv/1000 Amp meter shunt, certified to 1% accuracy, using NIST traceable test equipment from a accredited 17025 calibration lab.

There are 3 different sizes of current shunts available, depending on what max mag current you will want to measure. This ammeter can read up to 19,990 amps.

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Features & Advantages

  • Ammeter calibration adjustments for gain
  • Ammeter AUTO HOLD/MANUAL switch
  • Ammeter holds last reading or can perform continuous readings, for very low current readings below 50 amps
  • Ammeter red LED Display, 3 1/2 digits, 19.99KA
  • Hi Accuracy True RMS AC convertor
  • Hi accuracy DC average circuit assures correct displayed value regardless of which DC waveform is being recorded, 1ph hw dc, fw dc, 3ph fwdc
  • AC power with included cord, no batteries to replace Shunt input jack with hi accuracy shunt i, good up to 10,000amps included with carry case
  • Comes with with cert up to 10,000 amps included
  • Shunt Triggered


  • Ammeter Basic Accuracy : DC error less than 1 % of reading
    AC error less than 2% of reading +/- 2 lsb count
    Range = 10 to 19,990 amperes, in 10 amp increments
  • Ammeter Display = 3 ½ LED .56” High digits
  • Ammeter Conversion Time = 280msec
  • Quick Break: .1 to 29.9 volts +/- 1% of reading
  • Ammeter Signal Input = 50mv/1000A Meter Shunt
  • Shot timer: 0.2 to 9.90 sec. with accuracy +/- 1% of reading
  • Power Line Input = 100 to 140 VAC, 4VA 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature = 5 to 45°C
  • Dimensions HxWxD = 12″ X 19″ X 7″ inches
  • Weight = 14 LBS