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15,000 AMP, 3PH DC Output w/Reversing DC Demag and 1PH 10,000 AMP AC Output w/Decaying AC Demag

This dual output AC/DC POWER PACK provides reliable performance on both mag and demag, with a 60 step fine DC demag, typically down to 1 gauss. There is also AC decaying demag included.

This power pack can be made with also 1, 2 or 3 outputs…and the outputs can be a mix of AC and DC outputs, with output current ratings from 6,000 amps to 20,000 amps, with or without demag, on each of the outputs.

Rugged SCR based DC bipolar convertor assembly 30 years of field experience with this control system, using a proprietary digital gate array design.

The control relays are sealed power reed relay type, so no oxidation of contacts ensuring trouble free operation There is no PLC in this system, so no need to worry about PLC obsolescence in 10 years, where the new model of PLC is not software compatible with the old version.

In Multiple output units, each output and its controls are totally independent from the other outputs, thus even if one output goes down, the other outputs are still available.

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    Features & Advantages

    • High reliability 15,000 amp 3PH FWDC and 10,000 AC outputs
    • Most sophisticated and accurate power pack in the industry
    • Provides actual digital readout of both shot time and current
    • High quality powder coat paint finish
    • 230/460vac,50/60hz operation, other input voltages optional
    • Digital ammeter with last shot memory hold, 1% accuracy
    • NIST traceable certification and 5 Year warranty included
    • Digital shot timer
    • 120 vac accessory outlet
    • Remote cable with both mag and demag pushbuttons, 20 ft long


    • Input Power: 230 to 460vac, 3 PH std. up to 600vac opt.
    • Shot Timer Accuracy: 1% of reading, +/- 2 counts
    • Shot Timer Resolution: .01 seconds
    • Ammeter accuracy: +/- 1% of reading, with 10 amp resolution
    • Operating temperature: 0 to 40 deg. C
    • Dimensions: 50″ W x 50″H x 50″D
    • Weight: 2000 LBS
    • 350 line amps at 480vac input
    • Output duty cycle limiter is optional, to prevent rapid cycling of outputs
    • Line input frequency is auto 50/60 hz detection
    • This unit is not affected by phase rotation of incoming power
    • Digital phase control has built in auto phase balance and phase loss detection and lockout
    • Compliance: Meets ASTM E709, ASTM E1444, ASTM E3024