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Rebuilt 6000 AMP or 10,000 AMP 3 Phase DC Horizontal Wet Mag Unit w/Stainless Steel Tank

3 Phase, Reversing DC Demag, 16” Coil, 72” Bed

The MagRetroFit Wet Bench 6,000 Amp DC unit is designed as a high performance, high duty cycle inexpensive alternative to new wet benches on the market today.

It is fully electronic and utilizes 3-phase 480/230 VAC input power and outputs 3-phase fullwave DC for the deepest penetration for the most discriminating flaw detection.

Demagnetization is accomplished using the industry preferred reversing DC Demag method with # of steps increased from the old 32 steps to new 60 step operation to ensure full magnetization on the first demag cycle.

The standard 16” magnetizing coil is more than suitable for most applications but can be ordered with other coil sizes.

All units have quick break.

This unit is uniquely designed with all new MagRetroFit circuitry, components and hardware while drastically reducing costs by using re-conditioned cabinets.

The digital ammeter and digital shot timer allow for precise measurements of mag shot events and maintains their readings until the next shot.

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    Features & Advantages

    • Reliable, time-proven circuitry provides extend service life
    • Provides true linear power output that is phase angle controlled
    • Auto 50/60hz detect, and not phase rotation sensitive
    • 60 step Reversing 3-Phase DC Demag circuitry for lower residual gauss
    • Output is 3 phase full wave DC for unsurpassed flaw detection
    • Infinitely variable current output adjust feature can down to 10 amps
    • New Digital amperage display with infinite hold and auto-update
    • New Digital Shot Timer allows shot duration from .10 to 9.99 sec
    • Meets or exceeds military & industrial standards
    • Optional international input voltages , and lengths up to 14 ft


    • Input Power:
      480 VAC or 230 VAC
      3 Phase, 47 to 63Hz
      Int ‘I Voltages Optional
    • Max Current Draw:80 Amp or 160 Amp
    • Output Current: 6,000 Amp FWDC, 3 Phase
    • Output Control: SCR Phase Control Infinitely Variable
    • Magnetizing Coil: 16″ Standard Coil
    • Digital Ammeter Accuracy: 1%
    • Digital Shot Controller Accuracy: 1%
    • Part Capacity: 54″ Between Head & Tailstock
    • Suspension Fluid Tank: 16 GALLON Stainless Steel
    • Re-Conditioned Cabinet: Magnaflux H-800 Type
    • All units have quick break
    • 2 YEAR Warranty


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